Body Love Bootcamp + Raw Beauty Portraits


Body Love Bootcamp + Raw Beauty Portraits


Are you ready for the ultimate breakthrough in loving your body and finding inner peace about the things that currently cause you anxiety or shame?

This course is the ultimate way to deepen your self-insight, accelerate your journey into body love, and start over completely--loving your body in such a way that ALL your future experiences and actions are infused with self-love.  

Receive inspiration, support and community in this supportive four-week e-course, and cap off the course with the life-changing experience of a Raw Beauty Portrait Session. Celebrate your newfound love and celebration of your body, and realize your own authentic beauty at last. 

Dive into a supportive journey that includes:

  • A complimentary copy of The Body Love Workbook e-book if you don't already possess one
  • Weekly emails to support your journey through the Body Love Workbook
  • A Raw Beauty Portrait Session with Jen Hecht in the Portland metro area (or as otherwise arranged)
  • Exclusive access to an ultra-supportive private online community 
  • Solidarity, mutual support, and positive energy from a tribe of women who know exactly what you're going through
  • 1x1 email support from Jen Hecht throughout the month


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