Darcy | North Vancouver, BC

Images by Golnaz Sadjadi


"It was from my body's faltering that I came to discover my own resilience, and from this same faltering that I learned to always seek out and find meaning and purpose in the world."  

I have always been active and proud of my body. Despite the fact that none of us are perfect, I am happy to be strong and as good as I can be.

I want to have a body that stays fluid and flexible, pliant and youthful throughout my aging process. I plan to stay active and to use my body in the best way that I can, so that I can feel strong and secure. I recognize I am not perfect but I am good enough and happy with myself.

I appreciate that we are all beautiful in our own way, weather we are round and curvy or thin and boyish. Our happiness is not defined by our bodies, but our bodies are the mirror that the world sees us through. I believe that staying strong and pliant through yoga and other movement and body strength sports will help my mind and body find happiness throughout my life. I am my own judge and my own master. I will live a healthy life to the best of my ability.

- Darcy

Portraits of Darcy by Golnaz Sadjadi