Jessica | Tacoma, WA

Images by Jenny Wohrle

From Jessica:

"I felt so trapped by lies that have become my reality. I have been full of hatred and cruelty for myself because I didn't like what I saw. I let my self-hatred motivate me to gain my value and worth by being a Godly person - doing for everyone else to prove that I had worth. I couldn't accept love or grace from anyone (even God) because I was consumed by the lies that told me I was nothing because I was fat and ugly. 

I want to be confident in who I am no matter what stage my body is in. I want to love my body without expectation for change but with an attitude that welcomes health and change. I feel hopeful that my body won't define my life, my mood, my emotions and my own chatter. There's a sense of freedom that comes with this acceptance and I'm finally seeing that the freedom could actually be a possibility for me. 

I'm now seeing all that my body has done right and am more grateful for the 30+ years I wasted in hate toward myself. I'm learning to appreciate who I am, what my body has done for me, and recognize the powerful vessel/tool that my body actually is. I'm not fully there, but I'm starting to sense that there is a new freedom that could be mine. A freedom from self hatred, insecurity, doubt, obligation to work and earn my worth and expectation that is constantly met with failure and disappointment. I'm realizing that the journey of healing is the destination and it's up to me to daily choose to be on this journey."

- Jessica


Images of Jessica by Jenny Wohrle.