Rebecca | Wheeling, WV

Self-Portraits by Rebecca Kiger




From Rebecca:

"Dear Body and Self,

You are creation of the spirit.  You allow me to move, to touch, to taste, to see.  My feelings run through you like sensations.  They add sparkle and juice and information to my being.  I marvel at the simple fact that without you, I could not move from point A to point B whether it be from bed to bathroom, from work into my daughter’s embrace, from the Caribbean to the Northeast.  Every experience I have in this lifetime is through you.

So, thank you for your magical and unimaginable existence.  Thank you for moving me from infancy to death the best that you can.  I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me, for the experiences had through you, for the wisdom that you hold that belongs to humanity and to me."

-- Rebecca


Self-Portraits by Rebecca Kiger.