Stephanie | Shakopee, MN

Images by Emmerlee Sherman


"It feels like I can finally really breathe."

From Stephanie:

"My old body story was one of loss, of being insecure, of rejecting myself. I felt lost, desperate, angry, devastated, ashamed. I didn't let myself enjoy loving my body for how it is. I felt a lot of shame. Sometimes I felt paralyzed by self-loathing. I felt hopeless, and that was what I deserved; shame and hopelessness. 

I want my body story to be one of acceptance, celebration, joy... being unapologetic for things I can't control and looking forward to doing something about the things I can control. I want it to be a story of self-forgiveness and of moving onward. It feels amazing, a weight off my shoulders and my heart. It feels like I can finally really breathe. I can free myself.

During the project, I experienced a shift in my self-talk. I became very aware of the "little" negative things I would tell myself. I'm able to catch myself and change what I am telling myself. I've felt a shift from high anxiety to peace in my everyday living. This has helped my confidence and I believe this will help me to become a better role-model for my children. I can finally give myself permission to celebrate me - all of me. And that is a gift I can pass on to my daughters!" 

-- Stephanie

Images of Stephanie by Emmerlee Sherman.

A note from Emmerlee:

"When we talked about Stephanie's session ahead of time, she had told me that she had shredded her workbook after she finished it and had made a vase (flower vase) with it so she could remember the experience. I had her bring the shreds and the vase along to the session. By the end of the session she kept taking a breath and telling me that she was going to be brave.  She was laughing and throwing her words into the air."

-- Emmerlee Sherman.