Suzette | Mill Valley, CA

Images by Katherine Emery


"I am perfect in my imperfections and my daughters need to see this."  

Before this project, I would say I have always had insecurities. My lack of curve. 

I will say: I am strong. But no matter how far I run or how much I lift, I still am who I am. I don't look like Giselle. I am not running PR's in my 40's. I have thyroid disease. Asthma. I have had no patience for these challenges. I let other people put me down, I compared myself too often to other people. I let that in. I am a busy mom to three and those pregnancies have been even harder on my body than I imagined. 70lbs of baby weight each time to lose. I have had no patience for myself.

I am strong. I am steady. I am perfect in my imperfections and my daughters need to see this. They need to see work. But they need to see appreciation for a healthy body as well.

I still feel insecure by my "baby" belly and the arms that are strong enough to do full body push ups and planks for minutes on end, but still jiggle. However, I did find patience, forgiveness for myself. And the knowledge I need more time for me, self-care, and in turn I will be better for my husband, my children and my body.

-- Suzette

Portraits of Suzette by Katherine Emery