Tamara | Cancún, Mexico

Images by Citlalli Rico


"I want to feel beautiful, and look confident; be happy with what I am, and who I've become."  

I hated the fact I gained so much weight and couldn't or didn't want to lose it, I wasn't doing anything to change. And really disliked my body for not being perfect or pretty. 

I want to love myself I still want to get thinner and lose weight and look the way I used to. And I am doing something about it and I'm happy doing what I do. I want to feel beautiful, and look confident. Be happy with what I am, and who I've become.

I don't hate myself for not being perfect, to me that's a lot, I accept the fact that I am not, but I'm also changing my habits, and eating way better. I also understood a lot of things about my relationships with ex partners, and can actually start working on that.

- Tamara

Portraits of Tamara by Citlalli Rico