Okay, vulnerability time.

Three years ago I was really struggling.

I had been fighting to lose weight and keep it off for years, and I just couldn't win. I felt trapped in a body that was all wrong, and I felt absolutely tortured about it.

It wasn't just that losing weight was hard (although it was), or that it felt like I had to keep losing the same damned 20 pounds over and over again (I did).

I was tortured by it because my weight loss struggle wasn’t just about my body; it was about ME. Because I didn’t feel worthy of love and success unless I was thin. So my failure to keep weight off meant that I was doomed to remain unlovable. 

That might sound a little crazy when you read it spelled out like that, because obviously there's a lot more to someone's worth than their dress size. Even now it's a little embarrassing to admit I felt that way, because it makes no sense at all. How was it possible that I had done so much personal work and I still had this irrational belief? Ouch.

But if you’ve ever felt like I did, you know it’s not a conscious rational thought process; it’s an emotional belief that gets embedded in your mindset. It gets so entangled in your emotional wiring that you can’t seem to dislodge it, no matter how ridiculous you know it is intellectually. 

In my case, since I didn't feel intrinsically worthy of love and success, this belief also led me to becoming a chronic people-pleaser. I thought I had to earn approval and love by making other people happy, even in relationships or jobs that didn't resonate with me at all.

My needs came last every time when I lived with that belief. Actually, after a while I didn't even know what my needs were anymore. I was so focused on everyone else that I fell completely out of touch with myself.

I may have appeared confident to other people, but inside I often felt ashamed and hopeless. I would try to ignore those feelings until they periodically overwhelmed me, and then I would try to subdue them with another diet.

This pattern played out exhaustingly for years until 2014, when a series of events led me to a major breakdown. I had had lots of breakdowns about this before, but this time I handled it differently, and I took some actions that made a huge difference in my life.

It was then that I had a huge breakthrough, and I fell in love with my body and my own heart.

As I write about in The Body Love Workbook, when I finally got off the rollercoaster and figured out how to love my body, some weird things started happening in my life:

  • I started LOVING my body and enjoying all the amazing gifts it gives me. 
  • I discovered my own real worth, and started turning my dreams into realities.
  • I made nurturing myself a top priority. When you love your body, it's so much more fun and rewarding to take care of it!
  • I stopped putting myself through stressful weight loss campaigns, and learned to trust my body and follow my intuition.
  • I started really listening to my own heart, and it turned out that that quiet voice within me had a LOT to say.
  • I started standing in my own truth and setting boundaries, and my quality of life skyrocketed.

Now, I'm not saying I’ve got it all figured out and I'm done learning. But these shifts made such a huge difference in my life that other people took notice. Because when you start loving yourself and listening to your heart, your life changes. 

When you feel beautiful and strong and confident, you start creating the life of your dreams. And when you tune into that quiet inner voice, it will lead you to your most fulfilling, satisfying life yet. 

The results are life-changing. Here's how you can tell you're on the right track: 

  • You feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.
  • Your gratitude for your body and your life expands exponentially. 
  • The dreams you’ve put on the back burner come alive with possibility.
  • You create more spaciousness for YOU in your busy schedule.
  • Your relationships and career become more aligned with your needs and desires.
  • You get fed and nourished emotionally—and boy oh boy, is your soul ever thirsty for that. 
  • And most of all, you have more to give. And holy shit, does the world ever need more of you. 

 The Body Love Bootcamp is going to take an amazing group of women into precisely that realm. I’m going to teach you how to rewire your beliefs about your body, see your own true worth, and connect with your heart. It’s going to be an inspiring and self-nurturing journey, and the results will rock your world.

This is the final week to sign up, so if you feel called to join this tribe, pop on over to the registration page and sign up right now! As soon as you register, I’ll add you to our online community so you can start feeling the love before we even get started.

Register here.

With love,


P.S. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to offer this workshop to you. This work is my deepest calling, which is one of the big things I realized when I started listening to my own heart. To even be sitting here writing you this email feels huge, because doing this work is a reflection of my love for my body and my deep belief that I am worthy of fulfillment and joy. Thank you for being part of this journey for me.