Because it's ladies' night. I mean, International Women's Day...

As I reflect on the first week of Body Love Bootcamp, what stands out to me most is the power of women in community. Because over the past 7 days, this incredible group of women has already connected in a way that few friends ever really do, sharing their real raw hearts with one another.

Amidst all the brave stories, virtual hugs, and recognition, these women have already begun to have insights that will change the way they live in their bodies forever.

But this isn't just about the Body Love Workbook; it's about the power of women coming together in community. It. Is. Powerful. 

Women who came into the group with a few friends are making new connections; women who entered alone, feeling unsure about this whole online community thing, are relishing in the authenticity and approachability of this group. And this has quickly become a beautiful and easy place to stumble headlong into personal revelations. Big aha-moments are already emerging spontaneously, and we have only just begun!

This is what can happen when women come together to do this kind of work; our wisdom and insight grow exponentially. We learn faster. We connect. We develop friendships that feed us for years to come. We GROW. 

I want to offer more women the incredible experience of coming together with likeminded souls to discover a real and lasting love for the skin they’re in, and to nourish themselves with the power of community.
So today I’m celebrating International Women’s Day by announcing that I will offer this course again in May 2016. And just for 3 days, I’m offering an early bird flash sale to you and your friends!
If you know you're ready to learn to love your body and yourself--no matter where you are in your life journey-- join us by Friday at midnight (Pacific) to get in on this special offer. 

Register here, and invite your friends to join us, too!

This course will change the way you see your body and the world, and I am deeply honored to do this work. Thank you for being here and helping spread the #BodyLoveForLife movement!


Jen Hecht
Founder, This Body of Work
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Instagram: @ThisBodyofWork