The Body Love Bootcamp is a cross between a kickass month-long virtual book club with an amazing tribe of women, and a deeply fulfilling coaching program where you can find the way to loving your body in a rich and supportive community.

Praise for The Body Love Bootcamp

"This bootcamp has been such a huge blessing and a major stepping stone towards healing. I am f*cking amazing... just as I am, just as I always was. My body made 4 ridiculously charismatic and exceptional human beings. My body has carried me through 40 years. My body, that I have been criticizing and bullying, should be cherished."   -- Becky


"Oh Jen, chapter 5 is amazing! I've got a full flood of lovely tears running down my cheeks...pages 48 & 49 nailed it!!!" I'm so grateful to have discovered this course, it changed my world! I can't say enough wonderful things about the Body Love Bootcamp. -- Paula


"It has changed my life and I cannot thank you enough!  The meditation was just eye opening- tears for happiness and sadness and understanding and everything else. Thank you!" – Terese 

If you:

  • Want to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin... 
  • Yearn to feel more spontaneous gratitude and love in your life...
  • Want to start believing in yourself so you can take your dreams off the back burner and make them into realities.. 
  • Want to be fed and nourished at every level...
  • Want to step more boldly into your life and set boundaries with things that deplete you...
  • Want to have more to give to yourself, your family, and your work... 
  • Know the answers are inside of you, but want help unlocking them swiftly rather than waiting for life to reveal them...
  • Long for community so you can realize how very NOT-alone you are in all of this...
  • Know that realistically you need a little reinforcement to help you make time and space for the things that nurture you...


...then Body Love Bootcamp was designed just for you. 

The Body Love Workbook is the basis for this course. This book has helped many women transform their body relationships, releasing body-hatred and disconnection and discovering for self-love, true confidence, and inner peace. In this course you'll do some journaling, some reading, and a LOT of connecting with your tribe. 


What You'll Receive: 

  • A guided journey through the Body Love Workbook 
  • An amazing community online, where you'll receive solidarity, mutual support, and positive energy from a tribe of women who GET it
  • Weekly emails from me with guidance and inspiration to accelerate your journey and deepen your experience
  • One-on email access to me for one-on-one coaching if you need an extra boost or course-corrections along the way

Once you've registered, you'll be added to the virtual community and we'll begin to percolate together and get the inspiration flowing in the days leading up to our official kickoff.

It is my great joy to offer this path to you, and I can't wait to go on this nurturing and inspiring exploration with you! 


Jen Hecht, Founder, This Body of Work


The next Body Love Bootcamp starts May 1 . Choose your path and join the tribe below!