When do we start? The project is officially launched as of February 8, 2016.

When do we finish? The deadline for completed workbooks and image submissions is April 1, 2016.

Where do we gather online? The private Facebook group for the project team is here. The group is just for the photographers.

Where do participants get their information? On the Welcome Participants page; please feel free to send them the link. 

Where do we get The Body Love Workbook? Right here. There is an optional purchase price of $9.99 to help cover costs. 

What if my participant can't afford the Workbook? She may use the code TBOW2 to reduce the price to $0. 

Where do we get the model release form? It is available here via Dropbox. 

How do we send our participants the questionnaire? Send them to this link. When they complete it, it will be emailed to me; I will forward it to you. 

Can I choose more than one participant? Absolutely! 

What kind of image files should I send? Please send one high res and one web res of each photo. 

Where should I send my photos? Please email photos to thisbeautifulbodyofwork@gmail.com. Dropbox is also great. 

Guidelines for photography:

  1. This is not a boudoir or high concept shoot project. It is the documentation of a woman's discovery of her own beauty. Heavily styled or staged shoots (of any kind), heavy makeup, props, fake eyelashes, and traditional boudoir-style photography are discouraged. Those kinds of shoots can be empowering experiences for women, but this project is about your participant falling in love with her body the way it is, without any gimmicks or effects overpowering her natural beauty.
  2. No heavy photoshopping or effects, please. The whole idea is to embrace your subject's natural beauty, not alter it.
  3. If you already have a concept or idea picked out for your portrait session before you have identified your participant or learned her story, please rethink your approach. Keep an open mind; let your participant's story inform your approach.
  4. Is nudity required? Nudity is absolutely permitted but never required. If your subject does choose to bare it all, I highly recommend you also make at least one portrait of her clothed, so that you have an option if she later decides she's uncomfortable with nude photos being shown online.
  5. Be open, connected, and creative. Apart from these guidelines, style and approach are entirely up to you.